"The Rare Smiles"
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An excerpt from Book 6, “The Eater of Stars”

"What is…IT…doing?"
“Well this is just a GUESS- but it’s…CHASING something.”
They all murmured. “No, no- HUNTING is a better term for it.”
King Herron snapped, and the screen lit up. “This is a hunter’s traditional method- pursue the prey until it tires, then strike.”
He snapped again- “This is the starmap that marks this…Creature’s travels-so-far. Look at the DISTANCES this thing moves- and then back tracks.”
The King lowered his hand, and the screen died down as the house-lights grew brighter.
“But if he’s the Hunter-“
“-Who’s the Prey?” asked the Queen.
“We have top-men and women looking over the Galactic-Passage-Data as we speak. So far, from what we’ve seen…about one month prior to the arrival of the Eater of Stars, this same solitary passenger has arrived on each Planet the creature has…consumed.” Herron snapped his fingers, and a holographic image of a hooded figure appeared. The projector sputtered, and became a close-up on the figure’s face- a Maenad, with an ugly scar covering half his face.
“This man is Galactic Pariah Zero-One.  Does his face look familiar to anyone?”
No one raised their voice, only muttered to themselves.
One person, a Human, sat silently staring at the image.
Stefan Li Fang, 
of the House of China, sat glaring at the holographic image.
HE recognized that face, of course he did- from “Earth History.” He gripped the hilt of his sword tightly.
And yet here he was, nearly 60 years later, roaming the Galaxy- UNPUNISHED.
Omarion Jrey, the World-Eater.

-excerpt from
“The Eater of Stars”
By Taylor Caudle

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